Monday, September 26, 2005

More Rup Online

The Financial Times reported last week that Rupert Murdoch's next online moves are being readied for roll-out in the coming weeks. Look for Rupe to land a search engine and some sort of Internet voice service soon.

Rumor still has it that Blinkx will be the search engine that ends up part of the Murdoch stable. FinTimes notes that Rupe is keen on Internet voice services, predicting a much faster acceptance and widepspread availability -- he's saying two or three years.

To recap, Murdoch first announced his intentions to expand News Corp's online activities last winter at a News Corp meeting, then in April gave a much noted speech at the American Society of Newspaper Editors convention in which he spanked the participants for not keeping up with technological changes driving how young people get news and information (FinTimes: the Internet and other digital technologies require a revolution in today's media companies. Murdoch went on a buying spree in the summer with an eye on companies oriented toward young male audiences. Finally, he held yet another summit this month in Carmel calling in what the Guardian described as 45 top executives with the charge of creating an online entertainment media empire. Please note: ENTERTAINMENT.

Can you create an interactive, community based media product that is still highly commercial? Well, look at e-Bay, for starters. It's no charity outfit. Can you buy such an entity? Don't they have to be grown? I guess Rupe intends to find out.


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